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Independence Bowl Game Day Open Thread


Since real life has decided to rudely intrude on the important work of blogging about Alabama, here's your Game Day Open Thread.  Let's end this season with a win.  Roll Tide!

Update [2006-12-28 10:52:47 by Nico]:

Good news. It looks like there will be pretty good weather conditions. I'd like it a bit warmer, but at least it doesn't look like it's going to rain.

Update [2006-12-28 11:37:55 by Todd]:

A quick tip o' the hat to Oklahoma State HC Mike Gundy, after reading this tidbit in today's Birmingham News:

Asked what his team gets out of the Independence Bowl, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy replied: "I can only go back and look at my background as a coach and say it's competition. If they want to play us in the parking lot, we'll play in the parking lot."

Now that's a proper attitude. Man I am sick of hearing other coaches say stuff I wish our the former coach would...