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Independence Bowl Game Day Open Thread

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Since real life has decided to rudely intrude on the important work of blogging about Alabama, here's your Game Day Open Thread.  Let's end this season with a win.  Roll Tide!

Update [2006-12-28 10:52:47 by Nico]:

Good news. It looks like there will be pretty good weather conditions. I'd like it a bit warmer, but at least it doesn't look like it's going to rain.

Update [2006-12-28 11:37:55 by Todd]:

A quick tip o' the hat to Oklahoma State HC Mike Gundy, after reading this tidbit in today's Birmingham News:

Asked what his team gets out of the Independence Bowl, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy replied: "I can only go back and look at my background as a coach and say it's competition. If they want to play us in the parking lot, we'll play in the parking lot."

Now that's a proper attitude. Man I am sick of hearing other coaches say stuff I wish our the former coach would...