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Remaining Pre-New Year's Bowl Predictions

Saturday, December 30th, 2006


Todd:  I'm going with Navy here, because a win for the service academy could bring Paul Johnson to Bama.  He's not tops on my list, but he's definetely a great coach that could do good things here.

Nico: 1984 is the first year I actually have any memories of Alabama football. I was really really young, but I remember two things about that year. Beating Auburn and losing to Boston College. Go Navy!

Irrational Bama Fan:  As a patriotic, God fearing, college football loving American, it is my duty to pull for the service academy against those godless yankees.


Todd:  Iowa completely blew their media darling hype and finishing 6-6, while Texas blew it's shot at a Big 12 title (and possible title game berth) on a QB sneak at Kansas State.  Still, Tejas it is.

Nico: Texas by a mile. Plus, Burnt Orange Nation is a daily read.

Irrational Bama Fan:  IF WE CAN'T BEAT TEXAS NOBODY CAN!!1! GO HORNSS!!!!11


Todd:  I want to pick UGA because they are SEC and I read a lot of UGA blogs, but I just don't see them putting up enough points against a very solid Hokies team.  Va. Tech it is.  

Nico: I must echo Todd's sentiments. I just don't see the Dawgs being able to overcome the Hokies. That being said, since I'm choosing purely on emotion, I'm still hacked off at VT for that drumming they gave us in the Music City Bowl. Go Dawgs!

Irrational Bama Fan:  SEC RULZ PAC10 DROOLZZ!!!  I know that has nothing to do with Virginia Tech, but still, SEC RULZZ!!!!

Sunday, December 31st, 2006


Todd:  This is actually a tough pick.  As terrible as the 'Canes have been this season, Nevada's offense made it's reputation against some suspect defenses.  I think Miami wins, but I don't like it.

Nico: In 2004, I was in Gainesville for the Bama vs. UF basketball game. I wound up sitting next to a Miami fan that lectured me during the entire course of the game about "the fact" that Alabama got lucky against Miami in '92. Go Wolfpack!