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The Bowl Selections Are In...

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...and it looks like we're headed to Shreveport to face Oklahoma State.  Looking at the bowl selections, some intriguing matchups jumped out at me:

Title Game: tOSU vs Florida
Thankfully the human voters threw their weight behind Florida to avoid a rematch. I also have two good friends who are Florida grads, so good on them and all.

Sugar Bowl:  LSU vs Notre Dame
I have a hard time believing that the Irish are going to snap that bowl losing streak they're riding.

Capital One:  Arkansas vs Wisconsin
The biggest screw over the BCS produced this season has to be Wisconsin.  The Badgers are 11-1 with the 1 being a fight to the finish with Michigan.  I suppose it's a good thing that a conference can only have two teams in the BCS bowls, but you gotta feel for the Badgers.

MPC Computers: Nevada vs Miami
The 'Canes on the smurf turf.  Who'd a thunk it?

Emerald:  Florida State vs UCLA
Remember the whole "Offense, meet Defense" schtick that kept popping up whenever last year's Bama vs Texas Tech Cotton Bowl came up?  Yeah.  ECU vs USF
It's in Birmingham, I'm going, whatever.

Las Vegas:  BYU vs Oregon
The over/under on this one should be around 400.

Update [2006-12-3 21:37:39 by Nico]:

I was amused to discover an Odor Complaint Form (PDF) on the front page of Shreveport's official site. More info on Shreveport soon.