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Apparently We're Offering Saban "Megabucks"

From ESPN, so you know it's true:

The Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post both reported this weekend that Alabama will present an offer of at least $40 million to Saban this week, hoping to convince the former LSU coach to take over its program.


A current Alabama assistant told's Mark Schlabach on Sunday morning that former coach Mike Shula's staff expects Saban to be named the Crimson Tide's new coach sometime this week.

"He's going to clean house here, top to bottom," the coach said.


LSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher, who worked for Saban when the Tigers won the 2003 BCS national championship, said he wasn't sure if Saban would return to college football.

"I don't know what Nick's going to do," Fisher said. "That deal over there, I don't know. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat like everyone else waiting to see what happens."

But Fisher did indirectly indicate that Saban is unhappy coaching in the NFL, where he has less control over personnel issues.

When speaking about his own job opportunities, Fisher said: "I don't want to take the wrong job and three or four years later, you're asking for the one you had." Fisher then smiled and said, "We all know that happens a lot."

So who knows what's going to be the headlines when we wake up tomorrow.  Anyways, Happy New Years.  Hopefully nothing will have happened by the time I roll out of bed around 3pm.  I'd hate to miss it.