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Monday AM Links and Such

Light posting today, as the trivialities of life once again intrude on the important business of blogging about Alabama.  In the meantime, some links:

The Tuscaloosa News still apparently thinks Saban is still in the running.  Cecil Hurt writes in his column:

Since this is an opinion column, and not a news story, there is a little more freedom to indulge in speculation about names, and there is no sense in being coy. You would have to be as blind as a replay official in Oregon not to have seen speculation about two high-profile candidates: Steve Spurrier of South Carolina, who seems to have taken himself out of contention, and Nick Saban of the Miami Dolphins, who either has or hasn't removed himself, depending on who you believe. (I'm still leaning in the "hasn't done so" direction.)

While Christopher Walsh comments on Saban's dodging of the UA question.

Memphis Tider is all over the Bob Stoops speculation here, here, here, here, and here.

The Tide basketball team extended it's unbeaten record to 7-0 on Saturday with a 78-60 win over Tennessee State.  Stats and such here.

Attention Bama fans abroad:  If you drive a white conversion van and are living in Wisconsin, Nicole wants a word with you.

Some Bowl Selection Reactions from around the Sports Blog Network:

Texas hits the Alamo Bowl, and Peter is strangely excited.

The Mayor is initially upset at playing Virginia in the Peach Bowl again, until he realizes it's actually Virginia TECH his Dawgs will be facing.

Seth is more concerned with the rumors that Leach is headed to Miami than the Red Raiders' berth in the Insight Bowl.

The Black Shoe Diaries is excited about facing the Vols in the Outback Bowl.  We here at Roll Bama Roll wish them the very best of luck in facing evil, and would recommend they carry crosses on their persons if it wouldn't harm their vampire coach.

RacketMan doesn't seem all that optimistic about the Yellow Jackets' success in the Gator Bowl.

The Conquest Chronicles is putting on it's happy face about the Rose Bowl.

And now, for no apparent reason:

You're welcome.