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Wednesday Linkage

  • RBR community member turnover has the behind-the-scenes scoop on what's really happening on the flights of the university planes that Bama fans are so zealously tracking.
  • One West Virginia fan is really hacked off at Rich Rodriguez for meeting with Mal Moore. Check him out in the comments section of this post at the West Virginia Fanhouse. Here's one serving of his venom:
    don't never come back rich you sorry good for nothing if you don't want another job why are you talking to bama first losing season you will be back in division 2 or selling used cars.
  • Miami wants in on the Rich Rodriguez action and asks WVU for permission to speak with him.
  • Even though his team is evil incarnate, Joel over at Rocky Top Talk is a first rate individual. He's helping start an award event honoring sports bloggers. Check it out.
  • Todd & I will be previewing all 4 trillion bowl games in the coming weeks. We'll be covering them in chronological order. The Poinsetta Bowl (TCU vs. Northern Illinois) preview will appear later today.
  • SHAMELESS PLUG FOR MY FRIENDS: I will be seeing my friends' band The Broken Letters tonight at Bottle Tree in Birmingham. Come on out for a rawking good time.

    They rock even though they don't like football!