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So What Now?

First, I admit I was totally wrong.  I've been sold on Rodriguez coming to Alabama for a good two weeks now, but as it turns out I was as foolish as the Alabama sports media that I've had zero faith in from the start.  So shame on me.  

That being said, what do we do now?  Is there any way we can land a big name coach after offering Rodriguez a pretty impressive contract and being turned down without offering them more?  I doubt it.  Besides, there aren't really any big names out there that are looking for work.  But what does this do for our courting of coaches with lesser profiles?  Several names are popping up in my head right now that I would love to see us go after, names like Steve Kragthorpe and Gary Patterson, but can we give them a lesser offer now that they know we're willing to drop $2 million a year on a coach?  I firmly believe Rodriguez has proven he's worth that amount and it was a realistic offer to get him down here, but can we realistically offer less than that now?  I just don't know.  More thoughts later...