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Even More Bryant-Denny Stadium Construction Photos

I get a decent amount of hits per day from people searching for contstruction pictures of the Bryant-Denny Stadium expansion. Since that's what the people want, I will deliver. Most of these were taken within the last week or two.

The new scoreboards have been installed as well as the "ribbon boards" (the field length electronic displays that run along the the upper deck.) So, first the photos, and then a list of links where you can check for updates (which I will still bring you.)

One of the new scoreboards

Close up of one of the new scoreboards

New electronic "ribbon boards" (below first set of windows.)

The new entrance


  • Daktronics: The manufacturers of the new scoreboards have all of the tech stuff you could ever want to know about them.
  • A gallery I found on Webshots has some of the best quality pictures I've seen.
  • Tide Fans message board has threads on it whenever new pictures pop up.
  • Clay's Bama Page has some good ones taken recently.
  • Crimson Tusks message board has a thread that started about a year ago where you can follow the past year's progress.