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Wednesday Night Quick Hits

  • 50% of voters in our first poll question responded that they'd like to see the Iron Bowl back in Birmingham and 43% said they'd like to see it stay in Tuscaloosa and Auburn. I figured a bigger percentage would want to see the game in its traditional home, but it was more or less even. Don't forget to vote in the new poll about who you'd like to see as the Tide's QB in '06.
  • Last week, I mentioned's Tournament of Champions, which is using a computer to simulate games between recent college football national champions. On Tuesday, Bama '92 squared off against Tennessee '98 and the computers declared the Tide a 17-7 winner. In round 2, they take on Florida '96 (who defeated Florida State '99 in their opening game.) I think the only point of this exercise if for CFB bloggers to have something to write about over the summer.
  • My friend Jason is at the World Cup in Germany and is blogging about the experience from Deutschland. He went to last week's opening game between Germany and Costa Rica. He ended up having seats next to none other than German model, Claudia Schiffer.