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Thursday Jank

  • The University of North Dakota is starting to irritate me to no end. They are going to sue the NCAA over the NCAA telling them to change their "Fighting Sioux" nickname. The university doesn't have the support of local Sioux to use the nickname. Where's the debate? I can understand them not wanting to change their nickname, but their attachment is infinitely less important than the Sioux's desires on the matter.

    The application of the rule does seem arbitrary in that some schools (FSU, Utah, etc) have been able to keep their nicknames and others have had to forfeit theirs. I believe the ones that have been able to keep them though typically have a large amount of support from the tribes...which UND is lacking.

    I'm amazed any Indian tribe/nation gives their assent to the nicknames, but it's clearly their call. UND has been fighting this for about a year now and they need to drop it.

  • Alabama picks up yet another verbal from a football prospect, this one from LaMarcus Williams, a defensive linemen out of Bastrop, Louisiana. Williams also had offers from Colorado and Arkansas. LSU was reported to have a close eye on him as well.
  • I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I'd feel comfortable putting some cash on the line over the prospect of Alabama baseball coach Jim Wells taking the LSU job. His silence and elusiveness in making concrete statements makes me think he's out the door. He interviews with LSU this weekend.