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Hall to Return in Fall / Simpson Punishment Undecided

DJ Hall

Internet message boards have been buzzing the last few days over the status of Tide receiver DJ Hall who has gone home for the summer. Some had speculated he was kicked off the team, but that (thankfully) doesn't appear to be the case. In today's Mobile Press Register, Coach Mike Shula is quoted as saying, "He'll be here in the fall."

Coach Shula wouldn't elaborate as to the nature of the problem (which I think is the right thing to do given the fact that these are college students), but said this:

"The best way to put it, he's at home and he's got personal issues to deal with."

The Alabama coaching staff has unfortunately had a busy offseason with other high profile incidents including the dismal of Chris Keys and the arrest of linebacker Juwan Simpson.

Simpson has a court hearing on June 20th and Coach Shula will take action regarding possible punishment for the star linebacker as the situation develops. Coach Shula had this to say:

"Obviously, Juwan and I have met and we've discussed things. It's like everything else. You have to make sure you listen to all sides of the story. You have to gather as much information, then apply the discipline accordingly and be very consistent with it so you keep credibility."

Juwan Simpson (left) celebrates with Wallace Gilberry