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Monday Morning Quick Hits

Sorry the posting has slowed a bit lately. I've got a big project due on Wednesday that has kept me busy (why oh why do I take summer classes?)

  • I want to welcome Block U to the college blogs section of SB Nation. Block U covers all things Utah Utes, so go see what's happening in the Mountain West.
  • World Cup rosters are always filled with great names. Some of them simply sound cool, others are nearly impossible to prounounce. Make sure to check out my World Cup "Best Name Team."
  • Coming later this week to Roll Bama Roll is my preview of the Alabama vs. Louisiana-Monroe game. I know, ULM isn't exactly the most daunting opponent in the world, but I'm previewing all 12 games in the order they will be played and the Warhawks are on deck. If you missed the first two, you can find them here: Hawaii : Vanderbilt
  • Check out my Ultimate Football Project. I determined last year that if I visited five stadiums a year, that I could hit every Division 1 college football stadium in 23 years. The journey begins this fall and UFP will track my progress.
  • EDSBS has revealed the formula for putting together a preseason Top 25.

There are several other interesting things I'm trying to make happen here at RBR and hopefully I'll have good news for you all on that front real soon.