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Great Moments in Alabama History: 11/30/85 - "The Kick"

Van Tiffin becomes a legend

The year is 1985. With 57 seconds left in the game and on their own 20, Alabama is trailing Auburn 23-22. Alabama kicker Van Tiffin can deliver from long range. His career long is 57 yards. Alabama needs to drive the ball about 45 yards to give Tiffin a realistic shot at winning the game.

A quarterback by the name of Mike Shula (some of you might remember him) is leading the charge.

First down: Incomplete pass.
Second down: Sacked for a big loss. The ball is now on the 12.
Third down: Pass to Gene Jelks, but they're four yards shy of a first down.
Fourth down: A reverse to Al Bell! Shula throws the key block and the play is a success.

21 seconds remain, but the ball is only on the Alabama 45.

I won't spoil the rest of the drive with words. Watch and enjoy a great moment in Alabama history unfold: