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Texas A&M Goes After Yahoo & FIFA Over "12th Man" on Website

It takes a second for the sound to kick in...don't blow up your speakers turning it up.

Instead of worrying about something important, like how bad their football team sucks, Texas A&M is now after Yahoo over the use of the phrase "12th Man" on the World Cup site. Texas A&M went after the Seattle Seahawks just before this year's Super Bowl and they eventually settled the matter for a one time payment of $100,000 plus $7,500 a year to the Aggies.

Texas A&M has contacted Yahoo to ask them to remove the trademarked term from the site. As far as I understand it though, Yahoo is a partner/sponsor of the World Cup and that the World Cup site actually belongs to FIFA...which is based in Switzerland. It'll be interesting to follow this development.

Let me go ahead and tip Texas A&M off to another potential target: The Tunisian national soccer team. For decades, no one on Tunisia's team has worn the #12 in tribute to their fans, the 12th man. So, I guess the Aggies need to secure the services of an Arabic speaking lawyer because there's some litigating to be done in North Africa.

Be careful miss! Texas A&M wants to sue you!