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Monday Morning(ish) Randomness

Good morning to you all. I hope you had an excellent weekend.

  • Tide Corner has an interesting story about the construction of the new Bryant-Denny Plaza. Construction crews found a football buried four feet underground in the exact spot where the Bear Bryant statue is going to be placed. That's especially peculiar because the site was covered by a fraternity house that was only recently torn down.
  • It was a fairly quiet weekend as far as Alabama is concerned, but in case you missed it, baseball Coach Jim Wells has decided to stay at Alabama. He was quoted as saying, "My heart belongs to the Crimson Tide."
  • Coach Mike Shula was ranked #44 in's "Top 50 Coaches You Would Hire."
  • There is more good news on the intersectional game front of college football. Tennessee and Nebraska announced a home and aways series for the 2016 & 2017 seasons. It should also be mentioned that last week saw the announcment of a UCLA and Nebraska series for 2012 & 2013. Good job by the Cornhuskers. I also mentioned recently that a series between Alabama and Ohio State is being discussed.
  • My favorite bit of recent news is that the Oregon Ducks will appear on the first episode of The Learning Channel's "What Not to Wear: College Football Edition."

    Clinton and Stacy are going to rip these guys a new one.

We've got some good stuff coming your way this week:

  1. A preview & prediction for the Arkansas game.
  2. Kyle from Dawg Sports recently asked me five questions about Alabama's upcoming football season and I also asked him five about Georgia's '06 outlook. We'll be posting each other's answers in the next few days.
  3. A look at the preseason Notre Dame hype and the infamous 1966 national championship race involving Alabama, Notre Dame and Michigan State.
  4. Another "Great Moment in Alabama History"
  5. Some other stuff you can't wait to read!
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