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Anthony Madison to Answer Questions from readers

Former Crimson Tide (and current Pittsburgh Steelers) cornerback Anthony Madison has kindly agreed to answer questions from readers.

After all of the questions are in, I will select the best five and send them to Anthony.

Email your questions for Anthony to

Please have all questions in by midnight on Wednesday, July 5th.  Also, please include your name and location with your question (example: John Smith - Birmingham, AL). If you don't want your name to be used, just ask and we'll only publish your initials.

I will post Anthony's answers to your questions in a few weeks once he's had time to answer them.

This is the beginning of what I hope will be a regular feature of readers being able to ask questions to current and former Crimson Tide players.

Update [2006-6-28 15:56:24 by Nico]:

[editor's note, by Nico]

Keep the questions coming folks! Y'all have sent in some good ones so far!

P.S. - I have saved all of your questions, but have removed them from the public portion of the site. I want the questions to be "new" to everyone once I publish Anthony's answers.