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Saturday Evening Random Junk

  • ranked Alabama's nickname, Crimson Tide, as the second best nickname in college football. They selected the Nebraska Cornhuskers as their #1.
  • Earlier in the week I wrote about where I think the Iron Bowl should be played. It's also the current poll question. Don't forget to vote.
  • The Tide softball team had their dreams of a national title put to an end today at the hands of UCLA in a 4-1 loss. 2006 saw the softball team win its first SEC title and make its fourth trip to the Women's College World Series. Not too shabby for a program in its 10th season. Congrats on a job well done ladies.
  • It's not sports related, but I just have to pass this story along. A woman in India recently married a cobra at a Hindu service attended by 2000 people in the state of Orissa. The mother's reaction, "I am happy." I'm assuming that's the woman's mother and not the cobra's mother that was quoted. The story reports that earlier this year, a woman married a dog near the same town. My wife (who is Indian) has some of the most bizarre stories I've ever heard about the time she's spent in India.

    So happy together...