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Friday Ramdonmess

  • There's a great story over on about former Tide basketball player Erwin Dudley's trying to reach the NBA. Dudley hurt his knee in a pre-draft camp in 2003 and the SEC Player of the Year wound up going undrafted. Dudley went to Israel to play and now plays in Turkey. Great story as usual from Cecil Hurt.
  • All 15,000 student season tickets for the 2006 football season are now SOLD OUT.
  • Thankfully, the NCAA basketball tournament won't be expanding. Do people really want to watch teams seeded in the 20s? No, they don't.
  • Two more Bama players made Maisel's All Numbers Team. I expected both of these guys to be on there.

I didn't get a chance to do my Arkansas preview this week, so that'll shift to next week.

Also, don't forget to email your questions in for Anthony Madison.