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Sunday Afternoon Random Junk

  • Glen Coffee had surgery earlier this week to repair a sport hernia. Coffee underwent surgery in Philadelphia at the same place Kenneth Darby had the same surgery last year. Darby's surgery was a major success and he went on to rush for 1,242 yards in the 2005 season. Here's wishinig Glen a speedy recovery and as much success as Darby!

  • I just secured a ticket for this evening's baseball game against the winner of the Southern Miss/Troy game and will report back in on that later tonight with photos and a write up. If the Tide wins tonight, they win the regional and will host the Super Regional next weekend.
  • Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky claims the SEC is going soft because there were no offseason firings. It's really a mess of a column overall (suggesting that Fulmer should be fired because of one losing season) but has one or two valid points.
  • Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville has told his team to not believe the hype surrounding them in 2006.

    Who knew Flavor Flav and Tommy Tuberville had so much in common?