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Tournament of Champions

Starting next week, and are launching the Tournament of Champions in which they pit national championship teams over the past 20 years or so against each other. They were going to choose the most recent 16, but they only allowed one championship team per school so they had to go a bit further back to reach sixteen teams.

They will plug an insane amount of stats into "state of the art simulation software" (their words, not mine) and run it through 31 times to get a "realistic representation" of what would happen if these teams could actually meet on the field.

Their method of pairing teams together doesn't look even remotely random (pairing rivals, having LSU '03 match up against USC '04, etc.)

Here's the opening round games:

Round 1
Monday June 12th
1995 Nebraska vs. 1994 Penn State
1988 Notre Dame vs. 1990 Colorado

Tuesday June 13th
1992 Alabama vs. 1998 Tennessee
1996 Florida vs. 1999 Florida State

Wednesday June 14th
2001 Miami vs. 2002 Ohio State
1991 Washington vs. 1997 Michigan

Thursday June 15th
2005 Texas vs. 2000 Oklahoma
2003 LSU vs. 2004 USC

I can't imagine Stallings dropping this game to Fulmer. If that's what their "state of the art simulation software" computes, I'm boycotting both websites.