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Quick Hits in the Middle of the Night

  • The Super Regional between Alabama and North Carolina will be televised nationally. Friday's 6 p.m. contest will be on ESPN. Saturday's 6 p.m. game will be on ESPN2 and if a Sunday game is necessary, it will be at 3 p.m. on ESPN.

  • The Alabama athletic department donated one million dollars to the university's general scholarship fund on Thursday.
    "As a result of good fiscal management, the athletic department had a positive year and we want to be good stewards of those funds," [Athletic Director Mal] Moore said.
  • In non-Crimson Tide news, my friend Jason (who is a Bama fan though) is now in Germany for the World Cup after months of travel throughout England and Amsterdam. He's going to today's Germany vs. Costa Rica game as well as all three USA games. Read about his trip on his blog.