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Anthony Madison Q & A with Roll Bama Roll Readers

Anthony Madison, former Crimson Tide and current Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback, was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from Roll Bama Roll readers.

1. Who did you like playing against (player or team) while at Alabama? - Freddie (Mobile, Alabama)

Anthony Madison: Auburn and Tennesse are obvious teams you love playing against but I also enjoyed playing against Texas Tech and Hawaii because they passed the ball almost every down! Player: I would have to say Mike Espy from Ole Miss.

2. First and foremost, congratulations on your recent selection as a professional. Could you tell us a bit about how hard is it to maintain a physical and mental readiness to be succeesful at the college level? - Gary F. (Oklahoma)

Anthony Madison: Thanks for the congrats! Well, in college football you must be sharp and on top of your game every weekend. Mentally you have to know what your doing and try to perfect your technique the best way you can. For example, I would stay after practice and polish-up my backpedal and practice other small things. It's the little things that make a differnce in college and at the next level.

3. You are going from a traditional college football power to one of the most successful NFL franchises over the last 35 years. For both Alabama and the Pittsburgh Steelers, wearing the jersey means a lot more than just playing football. What did you learn from being a part of the Crimson Tide tradition that will help you make the transition to life as a pro and life as a Steeler in a city where nothing is more important? - Ed Morgans (Owings Mills, Maryland)

Anthony Madison: Pittsburgh reminds me of Alabama in a lot of ways. The tradition, the heart of the players and the community/city. I have always had great coaches and they have taught me a lot during my time at Alabama. Now, I must use that which I learned in college in the NFL. I know that I am very blessed to have this opportunity. To have worn the crimson jersey and to now wear the Steelers' jersey is something special. I'm just hoping they continue to like what they see on the field.

4. Your teammate Deshea Townsend is also a cornerback that played at Alabama. I would imagine that players from the same school have a bond even if they never played together in college. Has he been able to give you any advice on how to adjust to the pro game? - George Agourides (Nashville, Tennessee)

Anthony Madison: Deshea is a class act! He's been more than helpful. His locker is next to mine and we talk all the time about the glory days at Bama. The secondary coach for Pittsburgh put me on the spot in front of all the other defensive backs and asked me, "Who was the best cornerback to come through Alabama Madison?" I paused, then looked at Deshea and said, "Ummmm, Deshea of course." It was too funny. He's been a great help.

5. What is the greatest thing that you and your Alabama teammates accomplished while at the Capstone? - MW (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)

Anthony Madison: Sticking together for four long but great years. That will never be forgotten. The Lord had a plan from the start and it came to pass our last game of the year. The things we learned during those times were priceless! What a way to go out!

I want to wish Anthony the best of luck in his professional career and thank him once again for answering questions from our readers.