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Postcard Friday: Carlsbad, California + A Quick Trip Out of Town

About a month ago, my friend CJ flew from Alabama to California to help a friend of hers drive across the country to move to North Carolina. I look forward to the day when I can take a long cross country trip again (having a small child prevents long road trips from being any fun.) Anyway, CJ sent me 10 postcards along the way and I'll be featuring her trip for weeks to come.

The trip started out in Carlsbad, CA. I have got to get to California. I think I went when I was a little kid, but I obviously don't remember it. I also flew through LAX to get to New Zealand, but that doesn't count either (despite the eight hour layover.)

I'm taking my own Postcard Friday advice to "get out there and do something" this weekend. I'm headed to Atlanta on Saturday to see GRAB play and to visit some friends. Blogging will resume on Monday. Have a good weekend.