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Monday Night Linkage

  • 46 Days until kickoff.
  • The Hawaii, Ole Miss and Auburn games are sold out.

    Single tickets for the Vanderbilt, Louisiana-Monroe, Duke and Florida International games are still available. Purchase here.

    "Mini packages" are still available as well. Mini packages include tickets to the following games: Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Louisiana-Monroe, Duke, Florida International. Purchase here.

  • College Football News' "Tuesday Question" asks the CFN columnists who the 10 best QBs of all-time are. Matthew Zemek listed Jay Barker as the "quintessential winner" as a college QB. Barker was the only Crimson Tide player to make any of the lists.

    A 35-2-1 record combined with impeccable character definately makes you a winner

  • I want to welcome two more college football blogs to the growing SB Nation family: Conquest Chronicles (Southern Cal) and Tomahawk Nation (Florida State).
  • For some insane reason, "bracketology" is already being explored for '07 March madness. ESPN has Alabama as a #4 seed in the San Antonio region. I'm excited about Alabama hoops this year. I think we have a good chance to make a run at the conference title despite some stiff competition.
  • Transcript of Mark Gottfried on SEC basketball coaches' teleconference. Good read.
  • Chuck Davis was denied another year of eligibility by the NCAA. That's kind of what everyone expected, but still, it is too bad because it would've been great to have Chuck for another year.
  • I don't like getting political on this blog, because that's not what it's for. However, I would feel remiss if I didn't mention that I have a good friend from college that lives in Beirut and is on the faculty of the American University of Beirut. I know he doesn't read this blog because he doesn't care about football and he wouldn't be reading it right now even if he did care about football. I simply want to request prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes or whatever it is you might offer for him and his family to be safe and for a quick end to this conflict. I've tried contacting him and haven't heard anything back yet.