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Video: Urban Gets Tongue-Tied + Rammer Jammer

Florida head coach Urban Meyer gets tongue-tied at half time of the 2005 Alabama v. Florida game where the Gators were getting destroyed. Funny stuff.

The celebratory "Rammer Jammer" after the game. I love the look on Meyer's face when the crowd is singing. This was his first road game with Florida and he found out the hard way that SEC road games are a wee bit more difficult than Mountain West road games.

For those of you out there not familiar with the "Rammer Jammer" cheer, here are the words since the announcers are talking over it:

"Hey Gators! Hey Gators! Hey Gators! We just beat the hell outta you! Rammer jammer yellowhammer give 'em hell Alabama!"

Oh yeah, I have a message for CBS commentator Verne Lundquist: DJ Hall is NOT doing a "throat slashing gesture." He's doing the gator chomp thing and then making the "cut it out/enough/no way/not in my house" gesture. "Throat slashing" never crossed my mind.