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Rummaging the Vaults vol. 1

In an attempt to find yet another way to kill off the 40+ days until the season starts, I bring you the first installment of my "Rummaging the Vaults" series where I track down interesting statistics and stories from Bama history.

1892: The team that started it all

Volume 1 explores the Crimson Tide's all-time record against teams it has played 10 or more times. There are 22 teams on the list and Alabama holds a winning record against them all. One of these teams has changed names (Howard has become Samford), one program went belly up (Birmingham-Southern...though they are restarting their program as a D3 squad in '07) and another is a 1-AA school (UT-Chattanooga), but eighteen of them are current D1 schools. Not surprisingly, Alabama's two main rivals (Auburn and Tennessee) are closest to turning the tables. Alabama holds seven game advantage over Auburn and a nine game advantage over Tennessee.

Obviously only one team per conference could hold this distinction (with the exception of the few conferences that have done a lot of shuffling lately.) Surely there are a few others that also hold winning records against every school they've played 10 or more times. If you know of another that's done this, please let me know in the comments section.

Team Record
Arkansas 10-6
Auburn 38-31-1
Birmingham-Southern 11-0
Clemson 11-3
Florida 20-12
Georgia 35-24-4
Georgia Tech 28-21-3
Howard (now Samford) 20-0-1
Kentucky 33-2-1
LSU 43-21-5
Miami 14-3
Mississippi State 72-15-3
Ole Miss 44-8-2
Penn State 8-5
Sewanee 17-10-3
South Carolina 10-2
Southern Miss 35-5-2
Tennessee 45-36-7
UT-Chattanooga 10-0
Tulane 27-10-3
Vanderbilt 58-18-4
Virginia Tech 10-1