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Rummaging the Vaults vol. 2

They played some crazy teams back then

After seeing that Alabama had a winning record against all 22 teams it has played 10 or more times, I decided to drop the number of games played to five to see what kind of results I would get. To see teams the Tide has played 10+ times, view this post. The chart below includes teams played at least five times, but not more than nine times.

15 teams meet this narrow criteria and some of them are hilarious. They hold a winning record against 10 of the 15. Two of the five they having losing records against are traditional powerhouses that no one would be surprised anyone had a losing record with and the other three are shocking to say the least. So, combined with the teams Bama has played 10+ times, there are 37 teams the Tide has played five or more times and they have a winning record against 32 of them. Not too shabby.

Teams played 5-9 times:

Team Record
Birmingham Ambulance
Cincinnati 5-0
Furman 5-0
Houston 9-0
Louisiana Tech 2-3
Marion Institute 9-0
Memphis 7-1
Mississippi College 7-0
Nebraska 3-2
North Carolina State 5-0
Notre Dame 1-5
Southern Cal 5-2
SW Louisiana 8-0
Texas 0-7
Texas Christian 2-3

Houston will join the "10+ club" next year when they come to Tuscaloosa.

Texas has owned Alabama like no other. The Tide will still have a losing record with the Longhorns if they make it to ten meetings. If Bama can sweep the next four against Notre Dame, they'll break even at 5-5. We can fix the Louisiana Tech situation and the TCU situation, but the Birmingham Ambulance Company is forever one game up on the Tide. BAC withdrew from the series knowing their glory days were limited after the Tide stomped them 30-0 in 1896.