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Shula at SEC Media Days

Here is the transcript of the Q&A with Mike Shula from Wednesday's SEC Media Days. Nothing at all earth shattering. The only really exciting thing about it is that it means we're getting really close to opening weekend.

There's only one question/answer that I feel like commenting on:

Q. Where are you going to play the multi-talented Jimmy Johns?

COACH SHULA: Did he ask you to ask me that question (smiling)?

He's lined up as our halfback. Our coaches fight for him just about every other day in our staff meetings. Our linebacker coach fights for him, our defensive end coach fights for him. Sparky Woods, our runningback coach is holding on for dear life. He is a talented guy. Anybody that's watched his first run and the first game he played last year, his first carry, compared it to any of the spring practices that were open, especially at the end, you'll see how much he improved.

I know we probably could put him at the linebacker position and get him in there. I know this. Not many of our defensive backs or linebackers like tackling him. I kind of like that in people saying that about our runningbacks. He's going to be at runningback. Hopefully we see a much improved runningback in Jimmy this year.

Jimmy Johns was recruited as a QB. I know he came to the coaches and said he wanted to play immediately to help the team however he could even if that meant changing positions. That's a great attitude to have, being willing to do what's best for the team. If he's such an insanely incredible athlete and so hard to tackle, wouldn't that be a great asset at QB? I have faith that John Parker Wilson can get the job done, but wouldn't it be fantastic to have the duel threat? I know JPW is going to be more mobile the Brodie Croyle, but it seems like every time Alabama recruits a "super athlete" at QB, they end up converting them to another position.

Great sandwiches, great athlete