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Thursday Afternoon Stuff

  • One thing I wanted to point out about the current poll question is that it is just a curiosity thing on my part. I am not one of those people that believes alumni fans are superior to non-alumni fans. No one has raised the issue, but I remembered that it is occasionally a hot topic on message boards. Basically, I just wanted to set the record straight (just in case anyone got the wrong idea) that I think ALL fans are equal and ALL are welcome here (whether you're a Bama fan or not.) I'd be a hypocrite otherwise seeing as I did my undergrad work at UAB (I'm currently working on my master's at UA though.)
  • I saw recently that the North Mississippi All Stars are playing at The Jupiter the night before the Vanderbilt game (it isn't on the Jupiter site yet, only on the NMAS site.) That'll be awesome. NMAS audio sample: Shake 'Em On Down.

  • Though a Bama fan first and foremost, Todd is showing the UAB Blazers some love over on his blog. Go over and check out his write ups on everybody's favorite C-USA team.
  • There is a great post over at Burnt Orange Nation about the various types of the bandwagon hopping Texas fans.
  • I saw something on the Discovery Times Channel recently about "scalpel tourism" in Thailand. Basically, people from all over the world are flying to Thailand to get medical procedures done over there. Many westerners go for plastic surgery, but the hospitals perform all types of surgery. One hospital on the show worked on patients from 150 countries last year.
  • I have three papers due in the next fourteen days (I'm clearly not taking a directed readings course in sociology at Auburn), so I will only be posting during my study breaks. Wish me luck.
  • And for good measure, a YouTube video: