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Monday P.M. Stuff

On the cover (clockwise starting at the bottom): Terrence Jones, Le'Ron McClain, Kenneth Darby, Ramzee Robinson, Tim Castille

I'm sure the UPS drivers of Alabama were busy today delivering the 2006 Alabama Media Guide all over creation. I saw the guy make at least half a dozen deliveries of similarly sized packages in the neighborhood after he dropped mine off today. It was torture not being able to look at it when it arrived due to me doing a final revision on a paper that was due tonight. The arrival of the Media Guide, coupled with SEC Media Days signals that things are really getting fired up and that we're almost to the season.

Cool Hand Mike has some funny posts up about various SEC teams including one called: Kentucky Football: It's Shitacular

Clay's Bama Page has a new URL. Make sure and change your bookmarks.

Everybody's favorite CFB blog, EDSBS, is growing so rapidly that they're having a hard time paying the bills and their hosting company is getting hacked off about it. Chip in a buck or two to keep EDSBS online.

Brian of MGoBlog is participating in the World Series of Poker and has summarized day one so far. Very interesting stuff if you have even the vaguest interest in card playing.

We all remember "The Hit, The Throw, The Kick" but do we remember how many times Tennessee could've put last year's meeting away? Check out the animated drive charts at View from Rocky Top to remember that we came up with big plays several times in that game.

There's a new rule in effect this fall called Rule 3-2-5-e that aims to shorten the length of football games by starting the clock immediately after the ball is spotted and declared ready for play after a change of possession instead of the clock starting on the first snap. It is estimated this will trim about five minutes from the length of games. Sunday Morning Quarterback has an interesting take on things (as usual) and provides all of the pertinent links to help you see why this new rule sucks.