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Thursday Afternoon Stuff

  • Paul Westerdawg interviewed some US military personnel stationed near Qatar that are Georgia fans. Good stuff. Interestingly enough, I've been trying to track down Alabama fans living abroad either in the military or as civilians, but have had no luck yet. If you know of any, tell 'em to send me an email at
  • I've added the Marshall at Southern Miss game to my Ultimate Football Project.
  • Alabama appears on quite a few questions in this "What's Best About College Sports" poll. Stuff the ballot box Bama fans.
  • Todd has been watching Food TV lately and is itching to see the audience of Emeril Live step things up a notch or ten.
  • Golden Tornado has been doing a review of each conference's mascots and it is entertaining stuff to say the least.
  • Sunday Morning Quarterback cranked out a gem of a post about how high passing yardage numbers are often associated with losses. I know I'd rather go 10-2 with a great defense than 4-7 with an offense that puts up big numbers.
  • I will have the Arkansas game preview/prediction up tomorrow.