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Joey Jones Interview with Roll Bama Roll

Coach Joey Jones will lead BSC's first football team in almost 70 years

As I mentioned in the Diaries section a few weeks ago, former Alabama receiver Joey Jones is the new head football coach at Birmingham-Southern College. He played at Alabama from 1980 to 1983 under Bear Bryant and Ray Perkins.

The Panthers last fielded a football team in 1939 and will take the field in 2007 after a 68-year absence from the gridiron. BSC will compete in Division III.

Coach Jones was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions via email for Roll Bama Roll and here is the transcript:

Roll Bama Roll: Football requires having more players and more coaches than any other sport. How does one approach the gargantuan task of assembling a collegiate coaching staff and football team for the first time with only a little over a year until the first game?

Joey Jones: Hiring a staff is somewhat easy. The big task will be to assemble enough players by next fall. Obviously, there will be some growing pains.

RBR: Many people aren't aware of the fact that Division III athletic programs can't give athletic scholarships. Can you describe the approach one must take in recruiting players at the Division III level?

Joey Jones: You have to sell academics, and I also think there is a big market of players who are not offered scholarships.

RBR: Your first team at BSC will take the field in 2007. What can the team achieve in its first season to be considered successful?

Joey Jones: It's hard to say at this point what "successful" would be.

RBR: Where do you want see the program in five years?

Joey Jones: Competing for the conference championship and entering the Division III Playoffs, then competing for a national championship.

RBR: You played under the legendary Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant for three seasons at Alabama, is there anything from his coaching philosophy that you hope to instill at BSC?

Joney Jones: An unending work ethic and confidence in what you do daily.

I want to wish Coach Jones and the BSC Panthers the best of luck in the future.