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Friday Night Stuff

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  • Anthony Madison, formerly of Bama & now with the Steelers was super quick in answering the questions readers sent in and those will be posted early next week.
  • The Clarion Ledger has a story about Jasper Faulk, the Southern Miss defensive back in the play of Tyrone Prothro's famous catch. The story is about Faulk's relationship to the famous play.
  • Alabama had a mini-media day on Thursday and  all of the usual publications had stories today: Tuscaloosa News - Birmingham News - Huntsville Times - Mobile Press-Register
  • An anti-BCS website has sprung up called Read the story in The Times of South Mississippi (Hattiesburg)
  • CBS has released a ridiculously premature "All-Decade Team." (Once again, I state that July is the most difficult month to write about college football...even for the professionals.)
  • 31 year old Pat Fitzgerald has been named as Northwestern's new head coach after the tragic death of Randy Walker. Fitzgerald was the Northwestern linebackers coach. Good luck to him in his daunting task.
  • I don't think I will ever tire of the Joga Bonita videos.
  • Alabama hired a new assistant basketball coach, James Holland.