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Saturday A.M. Quick Hits

  • Make sure to check out, a weekly Crimson Tide podcast. Good stuff.
  • Brian of MGoBlog recently participated in the World Series of Poker (read about it here.) Two University of Alabama students have been kicking some butt on the pro poker circuit recently. Rob Berryman finished 33rd at this year's WSOP and got a $329,865 paycheck in the process. Shannon Shorr has raked in about $400,000 over the last six months in tournaments in Australia, Spain, the Bahamas, Austria and the US. That doesn't even take into account Tuscaloosa local Johnny Kampis who also played in the WSOP. Be careful if you play in any card games in Tuscaloosa.
  • The University of Alabama Football Report is back. One of my favorite sites.
  • is a blog aggregator culling posts from the best college sports blogs. The homepage provides abstracts of recent posts or you can filter search by team. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite sites. They're going to be doing some site maintenance on Saturday, so if it's not up when you check it, make sure to go back later and have a look.
  • Golden Tornado is reviewing the SEC mascots. He gave Big Al fairly high marks. Scroll the the GT archives and see his breakdown of mascots from every conference.

  • The Washington Post chimes in with an article about JPW and Alabama's secondary.
  • Pensacola News Journal has a story about Jake Jones, son of 1980s Tide receiver Joey Jones.
  • The Wizard of Odds is keeping track of all of the 2006 season posters he can find for various colleges. Have a look. There's some really good ones so far. Anybody have any idea on when Alabama's is going to be released?