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Wednesday Quick Hits

  • The Birmingham News ran an interesting story about recruiting at small D1 programs and the difficulties they face in competing with major programs and having to deal with the NCAA's restrictive rules.
  • I posted some videos from Monday's scrimmage in the Diaries section yesterday. Check those out if you want to see how the guys did.
  • Alabama shows up at #38 on the Sports Illustrated 119. I think that may very well be the lowest preseason ranking for Alabama I've seen yet.
  • Alabama shows up at #25 in the BlogPoll preseason poll though which just goes to show that fans know more than sportswriters do.
  • There's an amusing thread over at called I Think My Son is a Closet Auburn Fan. So far, there have been suggestions of how to deal with it ranging from disowning to exorcism.

    On a similar note, this post from dopaco24 on the message board cracked me up:

    I became a Hawaii fan when I attended my 1st ever D1 college football game. (UH vs Rice 2003) I live in Hawaii. I was born and raised in Alabama all the way through high school. Every Christmas my parents would buy me Alabama t-shirts and sweatshirts trying to convince me to roll with the Tide. When I came out and told them I was a Hawaii fan before the '03 Bama game, they seemed relieved. I had made it out to be such a big deal that they were afraid that I was going to tell them that I either knocked up some underage girl, killed someone, was gay, or worse, an Auburn fan. I love messing with my parents.
  • The Verice Cloyd situation, which we all thought was finally settled has a new wrinkle. Cloyd and about 40 other players have been sent additional paperwork to complete by the NCAA before they're given full clearance. Those guys in Indianapolis really don't have anything else to do do they?
  • I got an 'A' in my first grad school class. I'm rocking the 4.0 for now!