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SEC Teams as Paintings: Florida

Yesterday, I presented my view of which famous paintings best represented teams from the SEC West. In preparing today's post for the SEC East, I decided to post the teams one day at time instead. With that in mind, we press on...

Florida: Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques Louis David

This is how I imagine Urban Meyer saw himself when Notre Dame and Florida were vying for his services.  I'm not saying that I think Meyer is arrogant, I'm saying I think he literally envisions himself as a general of sorts that can get the job done. He's all about efficiency, precision, discipline, complex maneuvers and high-powered offensives. I imagine he views the spread option as a variation of the infantry square and sees himself as a spiritual ancestor of Napoleon (and they both have weird, outdated European names.) As a child, I imagine Meyer was fond of board games like Risk and Stratego where he could dominate the world (which is known as the SEC in modern terminology). One must wonder though if Napoleon cried after Waterloo.