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SEC Teams as Paintings: Georgia

I did the entire SEC West in one post, but decided to handle the East one day at a time. Florida made an appearance yesterday. Today it's Georgia's turn:

Georgia: Huike Offering His Arm to Bodhidharma by Sesshu

Here's the story depicted in this painting as found on the Kyoto National Museum page:

This painting depicts a famous anecdote of Zen Buddhism. When Bodhidharma, the first patriarch of Zen Buddhism, was meditating facing a rock wall in Shaolin-si Temple, the monk Huike came and asked to be accepted as his disciple. When Bodhidharma rejected the young priest, however, Huike chopped off his left arm to prove his firm determination to the master. He was then accepted as a disciple.

I'm pretty sure this is how things went down between Mark Richt and some monk in a foreign land. Richt comes into the SEC as a first time head coach and wins over 50 games and two SEC championships in five years? He picked up some seriously esoteric Wudang Mountain type stuff somewhere. I guarantee you that Mark Richt's real hand is in a box on a shelf in someone's office somewhere in Asia.