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Bama Cheerleader Needs Your Prayers & Support

I am saddened to report that 19 year old Alabama cheerleader Meg Ingram was diagnosed with brain cancer last Friday. She underwent emergency surgery to remove a tumor on Friday and is currently recovering. Amazingly, she may even be able to go home today. Meg has asked for people's prayers and the family said they're all keeping a positive attitude.

I'm sure that Meg and the family would appreciate it if you sent a note or get well card in addition to the prayers.

I imagine the best place to send it would be in care of the cheerleading coach:

Meg Ingram
c/o Coach Debbie Greenwell
University of Alabama
PO Box 870393
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

or email Coach Greenwell to ask where to send it:

dgreenwell @