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Thursday Quick Hits

  • Glen Coffee is expected to miss 3-4 weeks with the knee injury he sustained on Monday.
  • Good story about Justin Britt in today's Mobile Press Register.
  • I forgot to mention that I got a chance to meet Pat, the Alabama fan living in Saudi Arabia that I interviewed last week. He was home from SA on vacation and we met at Monday's open scrimmage. If you're an Alabama fan living outside of the USA, please email me at if you're interested in being interviewed for a feature story on this site.
  • Ivan Maisel did a fine job writing about why college football is better than the NFL.
  • Football Saturday in the South, an Auburn blog has a link up about whether or not Auburn is currently in their glory days. FSITS contends Auburn's best years were in the 1980s. His is the best Auburn blog I've found so far.
  • There's a new LSU blog in town: And the Valley Shook. It's part of the growing family of SBNation blogs. Speaking of LSU, you should also be checking Tiger Smack on a regular basis.
  • The Ultimate Football Project gets going two weeks from today. I can't wait.