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Friday Quick Hits

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  • The Honolulu Advertiser continues to crank out stories about Alabama. This time, a profile of Kenneth Darby.
  • The Decatur Daily has a story about how Alabama will try to cope with Hawaii's pass heavy attack.
    "One of our goals will be to try to get us about 10 guys who can rush the passer that first game." - Joe Kines
  • Golden Tornado has put up Part 2 of his SEC mascot review.
  • has the Bama-Hawaii game as one of Ten Potentially Huge Upsets in December. Additionally, they've made bowl projections and have Alabama (8-4) facing UCF (9-3) in the Liberty Bowl.
  • Speaking of bowl projections, Sports Illustrated has Alabama playing Boston College in the Music City Bowl.
  • Unsurprisingly, CBS has ranked the SEC as the toughest conference.
  • A tight end for Ohio pleaded no contest to charges of disorderly conducting for punching a police horse. The crazy thing, I've actually seen that happen before. After the USA v. Argentina soccer game in the '96 Olympics, there were tens of thousands of people who rode the bus to the stadium from designated park and rides and there were only a handful of busses picking people back up. It took some peoople six hours or more to get home from the game due to poor planning from the city. We managed to get out after about 90 minutes due to our bribing a bus driver for a private company (I think it was Alabama Power) to let us get on board and to take us to our car. Best $20 I ever spent.

    Anyway, in the frenzy of people trying to get onto busses, the police were trying to keep order, but some people just weren't having it and some guy socked a horse right in the face. The thing rared back and nearly threw the officer. Once he got it calmed down, the policeman just took off because things were getting out of control.

  • A Tale of Two Browns: Contrasting the situations of Mack and Watson.
  • The SEC East teams as paintings will resume on Monday.