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Saturday Quick Hits

  • Hawai'i coach June Jones has uttered one of the most ridulous statements I've read in a long time:
    ""We had to tackle Reggie Bush and Lendale White in the first game last year, and I'm not so sure [Kenneth Darby and Le'Ron McClain] aren't as good as those two."
    I know coaches have to play head games in the media by inflating the talent of their opposition and by poor mouthing their own squad, but that quote is just downright absurd. I wonder how he even said that with a straight face. Full story here.
  • Leigh Tiffin is looking like a lock to be the #2 kicker this year.
  • Kenneth Darby has been named to the Walter Camp watchlist.
  • Check out the website to see suggested traffic routes to help deal with the influx of even more more cars into Tuscaloosa on gameday due to the stadium expansion. There is a ton of other useful information on the sight as well. I guess you have to pay to be on their restaurants list because I don't see how you could leave off Cafe Venice or Archibald's but include Arby's.
  • Someone purchased the building that The Booth is in on The Strip and they've been given notice that they must vacate by November 25. The former building owner won't discuss who she sold the building to and no public record could be found of who it was sold to. Some think the university may have purchased it because they want to clean up The Strip and force the bars downtown (which is stupid because that encourages drinking and driving instead of the drinking and walking that can be done on The Strip.) The university denies that they are the purchaser. The other businesses that are part of that building (Cheap Shots, Lai Lai's, Pepito's and the Pita Pit) have not heard anything yet from owners.