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Tuesday Afternoon Quick Hits

  • I was out of town yesterday, so I thankfully didn't have all day to freak out over the Ken Darby injury scare because I didn't know about it until today. Darby got hit in the knee by a DB's helmet and was on the ground for about five minutes. He returned to the practice field later with ice on his knee. Current reports have it as "a bruise to the upper part of his lower leg just below his left knee" and nothing serious. Please please please PLEASE let that be all it is. If he's seriously hurt, our season will be located here. I know we're deep at running back, but Glen Coffee is hurt too and outside of Jimmy Johns, the rest of the guys had very limited carries last year. It would be an enormous blow to the season.

  • Arrowhead Pride has highlighted a portion of an interview with KC Chiefs coach Herm Edwards talking about Brodie Croyle being ready to see action in the next two preseason games.
  • The Tuscaloosa News discusses Alabama's special teams.
  • Three juveniles were arrested in Baton Rouge in connection to a case of arson at Tiger Stadium. There was no damage in the seating areas. (HT: And the Valley Shook)
  • The Wall Street Journal published a College Football Success Index that is more or less based upon the success rate of players from a particular college in the NFL. Obviously that boils the college game down to little more than an NFL-preparation camp. Sure, it prepares players for the NFL, but it's so much more than that. To paraphrase author Allen Barra:
    "The pro game needs the college game way more than the college game needs the pro game."
    Alabama ranked #29 with Shaun Alexander, Deshea Townsend, Chris Samuels and Michael Meyers listed as "standout players."
  • Tired of all of the prima donna pro athletes? Check out this story about players on developmental contracts in Major League Soccer. Imagine making only $11,700 a year in Los Angeles. Talk about playing for the love of the game.
  • Ray Melick of The Birmingham News has written an interesting piece about athletic departments and their tax-exempt status.
  • Don't know how I missed this one, but Cornelius Bennett recently appeared on the Colin Cowherd Show and talked a lot about his time at Alabama. (MP3 link) The interview coincided with Bennett's induction into the College Football Hall of Fame last week.