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Happy Day in Happy Valley: Thank You Thomas Rayam

Ever since I discovered YouTube, I've been hoping someone would post this video. Someone uploaded it on Friday and I found it moments ago. Here is Thomas Rayam's field goal block against Penn State in 1989. With 13 seconds left, the 6'7" Rayam blocked the chip shot field goal to preserve Alabama's 17-16 lead.

JoePa was frustrated by the Crimson Tide again with the game in his grasp only to have Alabama make another incredible defensive play to preserve their lead (this was 10 years after the famous goal line stand of '79.)

I met Thomas Rayam the next week after the Mississippi State and was in awe of his immense stature (especially since I was in middle school.) He autographed my program and I could barely speak being in the presence of the man that (literally) single-handedly stole a victory from Penn State. I even had a t-shirt of the famous block with the caption: "You've gotta believe!"