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Pick 'Em Game Update

Those of that have already registered for my Pick 'Em game should have received an email this morning telling you that the picks for the game will be hosted at Pickdee.

Click here for a direct link to the registration page for the RollBamaRoll game.

As I explained to those already registered in the email, going with an established Pick 'Em site will be a more user friendly option. If I had set it up to make picks directly at RBR, it would've been much more work for you all, so I wanted to simplify it.

The folks at Pickdee have been very helpful in helping me set this up. We traded several emails and they've adjusted things to make it super easy for the user and I think they've done a great job. The site was originally developed for a soccer Pick 'Em game and is run out of Scotland. They recently decided to add American football to their list of games and their site is much cleaner and easier to navigate than Yahoo's or ESPN's. Also, they don't require much to register. All you have to do is provide a username/password and an email address. That's infinitely better than what others require of you.

Hopefully more of you will go over there and register.

I will still post the weekly results here on RBR and we'll use those posts to brag and/or trashtalk.

It all begins in less than two weeks!