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It's 8:00 a.m. and Tuscaloosa Isn't Burning...Yet

So far, the streets of Tuscaloosa are devoid of these guys

All summer long, I've been following The Tuscaloosa News countdown of the Top 25 football programs. I have received countless emails and comments from non-Bama fans that Alabama would be ranked #1 in the countdown and that it's a homer paper and that the categories were chosen to rig an Alabama victory.

Well, prepare to eat crow people, because Alabama comes in at #6 on the list.

What people forget is that the rankings are based on a combination of historical factors as well as factors from the 2005 season. It's a bit of "all-time best" mixed with "current relevance." Knowing that, there was NO WAY Alabama was going to finish #1. I do have to say though that I'm quite surprised they didn't crack the Top 5. I guessed that they would finish at #4.

Anyway, my office window is pointed towards The Tuscaloosa News building and so far, I see no smoke or flames and I can't hear any howling mobs, so perhaps the locals are taking the news in stride.

The Crimson Tide registered points in eight of ten categories:

  • 1st in bowls
  • 1st in coaching legacy
  • 3rd in national titles
  • 4th in all-time Top 25
  • 8th in 2005 Top 25
  • 11th in recruiting
  • 14th in attendance
  • tied for 15th in hall of famers