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New Poll Question: The Return Game

(L-R): Javier Arenas - Terry Grant - Simeon Castille

Ever since the injury to Tyrone Prothro, Alabama's return game has been miserable. Especially punt returns. Sure, there has been the occasional bright spot, but check out these great return stats for the season.

A variety of guys including DJ Hall and Brandon Brooks were tried but they had a hard time holding onto the ball and towards the end of the season I considered a fair catch without a bobble or a fumble to be major success. Simeon Castille and Anthony Madison were also used, but I've never liked using cornerbacks for punt returns because a lot of times they're tired from playing a defensive series unless it is a quick three and out.

Two true freshmen look to figure into the return game his year: Javier Arenas and Terry Grant. Grant absolutely lit things up in the first scrimmage this fall scoring three TDs and rushing for over 100 yards. Arenas had an 85 yard punt return in Saturday's scrimmage.

Despite Arenas' huge return in the scrimmage, Simeon Castille is listed ahead of him because there have been some issues with Arenas judging the ball on punts. Grant and Arenas do look like they'll be the kickoff returners for now.

Which returner do you think will make the biggest contribution this year?