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Thursday A.M. Quick Hits

  • Classes started on Wednesday and campus was swarming with people for the first time in several months. It's a sure sign that football is just around the corner. Nine days until gameday. So close, yet so far. It's probably going to feel like nine years. With only nine days until kickoff, this is about the only thing that can get my mind off of football.

  • DawgSports recently conducted a poll about home field advantage in the SEC. The top 3 vote getters were LSU, Florida and Georgia. Alabama holds a pretty good record in all three places. The Tide is 15-2-1 in their last 18 trips to Baton Rouge and they're 7-1 all-time at The Swamp. We're 5-5 in our last ten trips to Athens. We travel to LSU and Florida this year. Hopefully we can keep up the good work.
  • Don't forget to sign up for my Pick 'Em game where you can win somewhat fabulous prizes (seriously.)
  • Two more blogs have joined the SportsBlog Nation family. Corn Nation covers the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Carolina March covers the North Carolina Tarheels. Make sure to check 'em out.

  • Bruins Nation is talking about "East Coast Bias", which I put in quotes because I don't think it exists. I like those guys a lot, but I have to disagree with them on that one.
  • Orange and Blue Hue points us to a Miami Herald article stating that Florida State has returned 2,000 of their 10,000 seat allotment to Miami. I understand those words individually, they just don't make any sense to me when you put them together in that order. I know it's almost 500 miles from Tallahassee to Miami, but there's no way any major SEC team would return tickets to a game that big. I guess it was too difficult to get the Tuesday after Labor Day off.
  • Well...duh.
  • The preseason blogpoll wrapup is up at The House Rock Built and my take on what's wrong with polling made the roundup:
    The fact that they're subject to favoritism, prejudice, ego-tripping and everything else under the sun that shouldn't determine the champion of a sport is their biggest flaw.
  • U.S. News & World Report ranked UA as the 39th best public university in the country and they were 88th overall when including private schools. Alabama moved up 11 places from last year's rankings. I'd like to think my presence on campus is the main reason for the jump. Hopefully things will keep improving around here academically.
  • This is pretty freaking funny.