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Friday Morning Stuff

Hooray! An article talking about passing to the tight ends more! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this possibility. The story said last year only saw 12 receptions by tight ends and no touchdowns. Hopefully going to those guys a bit more will open up some other areas for us and keep defenses guessing a bit more.

Alabama returns four starters off of last year's basketball team. Coach Mark Gottfried has some high hopes for the team this year. It's pretty shocking to read a story about Alabama basketball and seeing the words "national title" in it:

As a former Crimson Tide player, Gottfried used to dream about one day coaching his alma mater to a national title. After watching the Florida Gators, another perceived, "football school," pull it off last year, Gottfried is convinced it can happen at Alabama.

"I never felt you couldn't,'' he said. "I feel like two great programs can coexist."

The Elite 8 is as far as Alabama's ever made it in the NCAA tournament and Gottfried is the man that took us there. Nobody expected that team to be Elite 8 material and this team should be even better so I suppose Final Four isn't out of the realm of possibility if they hit a hot streak.

A few days ago, Cool Hand Mike posted a picture of a Florida Gator yarmulke. There was a similar story posted on EDSBS a day or two ago. EDSBS linked to a site called Lids For Yids where you can buy a variety of yarmulkes with sports logos on them or plain ones with no logos. As far as the SEC goes, you can get one for Auburn, Florida and Georgia. I figured they'd have one for Alabama for sure given the university's history of recruiting Jewish students and the fact that you can minor in Judaic Studies. This also gives me an excuse to post a video from Matisyahu, everyone's favorite Hasidic rock/reggae singer.

The Hogs, The  Hill and the SEC has picked Hawaii as a "surprise team" for this year and thinks Alabama won't cover the current 17 point spread against the Warriors (I don't either.) There's also a picture of some ridiculously good looking Hawaii cheerleaders.

The M Zone has a story up about how The Big House is incredibly quiet despite being the largest stadium in the country. We need to make sure BDS stays at a level similar to the Florida game last year. I know it was post game, but the Rammer Jammer was LOUD! Bring it this year people.

Check out the Urban Ninja. Makes you wonder how we used to procrastinate at work before the invention of YouTube.

Notre Dame's season tickets are pretty awesome looking. You can see them over at The Blue-Gray Sky. I like how the the pictures in the tickets all merge together when they're lined up.

College Football Resource ranks Alabama as the fourth best team in the SEC...two spots ahead of LSU!

NCAA douchebaggery rears its ugly head again. (HT: Wizard of Odds)

Juwan Simpson's punishment is still unknown. On the one hand, I respect Shula not making a spectacle of the legal problems players get into, one the other hand it is frustrating to not know the status of your star linebacker eight days before the first game.