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Saturday Quick Hits

Next Saturday, the weekend entries get a lot more interesting. One more week y'all. Let's just hope for a safe, productive week of practice.

An Alabama couple converts a 1950 Chevy pickup into the ultimate tailgating grill. He calls it the Bama Burner. I love football. It makes people do insane things.

?Our daughter thinks we need therapy..." - Jan Ozment

photo: Tuscaloosa News/Dan Lopez

Kyle Tatum and Chris Capps are in a battle to start at right tackle since true freshman Andre Smith has the left tackle position locked up.

Sports Illustrated released their list of "Top 15 Games to Watch" and the Alabama-Auburn game came in at #15. They have USC-Notre Dame as #1, but I'm looking forward to their #2 pick more: Ohio State vs. Texas.

The funniest preseason Top 25 I've seen yet. Not because the picks are bad, but because it's literally the funniest I've seen. A few examples:

3. NOTRE DAME - How do you know ND is officially back? Mostly because Irish fans won't shut the hell up for more than about a second. Opposing fans can and do make fun at the fact that Weiss is a tub o' lard blessed with a face that might make his own mother gouge out her eyes. However, he is the best offensive mind in football, at any level. Based on that alone I might let him touch me where my bathing suit covers.

12. TENNESSEE - If Ainge has grown a brain in the last several months then they have some hope. I'm very impressed with the lack of arrests this year (or possibly the proliferation of coverups.). Either way no convictions so I'm excited for them. Erstwhile Miami LB and felon Willie Williams apparently tried to join the squad but was turned down. What in God's name have you done if the Vols won't take you, they would give Stalin a scholie if he ran a 4.4. recently underwent a redesign, so make sure you check it out.

Oh yeah, check out last week's TideCast if you haven't already done so. I forgot to post it when it came out.