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Weekend Wrap Up

Six more days!

The Mobile Press Register has a projected starting lineup with brief descriptions of each player. Here's one in particular that caught my attention:

C: Antoine Caldwell, 6-4, 294, So. -- At his current rate, Caldwell will draw legitimate comparisons to Tide great Dwight Stephenson.
I'm sure they realized Dwight Stephenson is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame when they wrote that. We can only hope they are correct in their assessment.

Another story on the grandeur of the BDS expansion. The place has gotten quite a facelift and it's going to blow people's minds that haven't had a chance to see it yet. I drive past it every day and have been inside so it's not going to have as much of a "wow factor" for me as it does for those who haven't seen the work on a daily basis. It did elicit a huge "WOW" from me the first time I went inside about a week ago though. Until you see it, you can't imagine how much bigger the stadium looks with the endzone closed in on the 2nd level. It just looks so much bigger than it did before. Can't wait to see it packed with crimson & white crazies on Saturday!

Proving once again that any bit of minutia about the Iron Bowl will always interest readers, The Huntsville Times has a story about bad weather conditions in the rivalry's history.

The Birmingham News has a great piece on Kenneth Darby and how he thinks the NCAA 2007 video game version of himself isn't up to par with the real life version.

"I think they messed up on me. Wherever they got the information to put me together, they didn't come to me to find out what I'm really like. I think they underestimated me."

Ray Melick of The Birmingham News put together a lengthy list of "Top 5's for Alabama this season including "Top 5 Players," "Top 5 Strengths/Weaknesses," "Top 5 Bowls," etc.

I must comment on two items from his "Top 5 Toughest Games" list. I get so tired of hearing the overblown "Alabama can't beat Auburn in Tuscaloosa" schtick. They've only played in T-Town four times (2004, 2002, 2000 and 1895) and three of those have been during the roughest, most turbulent stretch in Alabama history. It's a ridiculous stat to always bring up because it's essentially a three game stat. He then goes on to talk about how hard the LSU game on the road will be for Alabama though despite the Tide being 15-2-1 in their last 18 trips to Death Valley. Those games won't be tough because of location, they'll be tough because it's Auburn and LSU.

It never hurts to hear this reminder again. Traffic is going to be heavier due to the expansion. Here is a list of parking options and other pertinent gameday info.

Orange & Blue Hue links to an article where Urban Meyer describes Tim Tebow as "a gorilla playing quarterback" and said he will see action against Southern Miss on Saturday.